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Noble Direction specializes in mental health consulting. If you and/or your loved one are in crisis, and don't know what to do, you've come to the right place! How do I help my child, spouse, mother, father, friend, colleague? We collaborate with the most experienced treatment centers, therapists, interventionists, coaches, sober livings, psychiatrists, and other healthcare provider services to guide individuals and their families on the path of recovery.

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Scott Noble, CADC-II

Founder of Noble Direction

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania May 14th, 1987. Son of Robb, a businessman and Chauncy, a Nurse. Chauncy and Rob have been married for 40+ years! Older brother to Madeline and Allison. For many years I suffered with addiction and mental health. At the age of 21 I came to a place of complete surrender in my life. I asked for help for the first time instead of someone forcing their help upon me. I was a shattered man acting like a child. Homeless with 2 blue trash bags with everything in my name. May 12, 2009 I got clean and sober for the last time and have been ever since. This started my life mission, to help others who suffer from addiction and mental health. Through connection with other people who experience similar trials as myself I was taught how to be a man, navigate life and reclaim myself. For 10+ years now I have been working for treatment centers in the San Diego area. My experience has been priceless and I am so grateful for my life today. I am a man free from addiction, a father of 2 beautiful children Eydie & Ernest and I have the answers to many questions that myself and my family had while I was going through my struggles. The reason why I started Noble Direction is because as I developed my skills over the past 10 years helping thousands of people, I often thought how helpful it would have been to have someone who knows what I was going through, and what to do when I was struggling. I am so blessed to have gone through what I did as the silver lining has been exposed. I now get to use my experience to help!  


As your Healthcare Consultant, I provide comprehensive services to guide and help you feel the confidence and support you need to overcome your challenges. Since 2010, I’ve worked with clients in order to achieve good health and balance in all aspects of life. Get in touch to learn more and take a big step in your health and wellbeing.

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What I Provide

Good Friends


Body, Mind, and Spirit.
We will start with a in depth assessment to gather information about you to form the blueprint of your life. From this critical conversation we can move toward personal growth. No matter where you are in your life this service is tailored to your availability to meet your needs. Whether your are seeking a coach, companion or counselor we are dedicated to you life success. We will challenge, encourage, and support you. Recovery is about healing the whole person not just the symptoms. It is vital that we take a deep dive into what physical health (body), mental health (mind), and spiritual health (spirit) look like to you. The goal is to achieve excellence in all 3 areas so that you can see the results in your life. All that is needed from you is an open mind.


With years of experience, in the mental health industry we can guide your family to the best solution for your loved one. During our sessions, we’ll assess your needs to come up with a game plan while providing support to you through the uncertain and scary times. In addition if you or your loved one needs treatment we provide support to you that the center cannot. Often families exhaust all resources to save their loved ones life from themselves. Once the loved one enters treatment it is time for the whole family to heal, not just the identified patient. The family may feel neglected while the loved one is in treatment as the center does not have much conversation with the family. This is for good reason. First reason is the treatment is for the loved one. Secondly you have already done your part to get them the help they so desperately needed. Take a step back and take care of you. We will challenge, educate, and support you through this process.

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We have relationships with the top treatment centers in the country. Whether you or your loved one needs stabilization, residential or outpatient, we will find the best fit. We will work with you and explain all the details when it comes to finances. You can cash pay or use your health insurance. We can provide lists of in-network centers and out-of-network centers. Help you understand the different kinds of insurance (HMO, PPO, EPO) and orient you with the different centers specialties, amenities, and history.


Treatment is not always the best option for everyone one. We collaborate with the best therapists, psychiatrists and other services providers across the country. We are now in the virtual age nowadays where you can get the necessary healing straight from the comfort of your home.

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